BURNING RAIN (Feat. DOUG ALDRICH) - Face The Music (22 mars 2019)

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BURNING RAIN (Feat. DOUG ALDRICH) - Face The Music (22 mars 2019) Empty BURNING RAIN (Feat. DOUG ALDRICH) - Face The Music (22 mars 2019)

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On a déja un prétendant sérieux pour le titre de pochette de l'année:
BURNING RAIN (Feat. DOUG ALDRICH) - Face The Music (22 mars 2019) Burningrainfacethemusiccd

BURNING RAIN, the hard rock band founded by guitarist extraordinaire Doug Aldrich (REVOLUTION SAINTS, THE DEAD DAISIES, WHITESNAKE, DIO) and vocalist Keith St. John (MONTROSE, KINGDOM COME), will release its fourth studio album, "Face The Music", on March 22 via Frontiers Music Srl.

In conjunction with the album announcement, the band has shared the latest single, "Midnight Train", along with an accompanying music video.

When asked why the band chose to release "Midnight Train" as the first single, Aldrich explained: "It's been some time since the last BURNING RAIN record, and we wanted to come out swinging! 'Midnight Train' encompasses the sound of BURNING RAIN. It sounds fresh and heavy. I thought it was a cool lead off track to reintroduce the band.

"People normally have different ideas about favorite songs and there are a number of tracks that could have been first, but we just went with 'Midnight Train'."

"'Midnight Train''s message, albeit fully ensconced in carnality, is about wanting something so brutally bad when you can't have it," added St. John. "The main character here is basically a deeply tortured soul during all the daytime hours. The phallic likening to the train and its track along with the blackness, the bed of nails, and the cravings of the night are meant to further fortify the extremity of sexual addiction.

"Doug had all the basic music together including bass, drums, and all when he first played me a demo of the song. I loved it immediately. The first experimental vocal track I scatted out had the basic framework for the chorus, which we both felt had good potential, but the original verse began with a higher, bluesier part that seemed to not quite fit. After I fashioned a new verse with a lower, more growly approach, we both felt it really complemented the chorus and we knew this track was in good standing!"

BURNING RAIN was founded by Aldrich and St. John. The lineup for the new album is rounded out by Brad Lang (Y&T) on bass and Blas Elias (SLAUGHTER) on drums.

"Face The Music" track listing:

01. Revolution
02. Lorelei
03. Nasty Hustle
04. Midnight Train
05. Shelter
06. Face The Music
07. Beautiful Road
08. Hit And Run
09. If It's Love
10. Hideaway
11. Since I'm Loving You

In an interview with the "Friday NI Rocks Show", Aldrich stated about "Face The Music": "I wanted to work it so that it was not gonna interfere with THE DEAD DAISIES at all. Because last time, when we released the last record, it was just in the middle of a WHITESNAKE album process. And as with THE DEAD DAISIES, if I'm working on an album process, it's kind of hard to promote the record properly. So I wanted to time it so that I could actually do some things with BURNING RAIN to promote the album."

According to Aldrich, the follow-up to 2013's "Epic Obsession" sounds "great." He added: "Keith St John sounds amazing. The last two records we mixed it ourselves and did everything ourselves, but this time we've got Alessandro Del Vecchio, who I've worked with on REVOLUTION SAINTS, and he is mixing it and mastering it. So it's nice to be able to pass off to someone with good ears who can hit it fresh."

As for the possibility of live shows from BURNING RAIN, Aldrich said: "I would love to do that. I think probably what will happen is… I'm actually looking at doing some guitar clinics and bringing Keith with me to where I would do a little bit of a guitar, meet-and-greet, clinic situation, and then Keith would join me for an acoustic promotion for that record in the spring before THE DEAD DAISIES ramps up. THE DEAD DAISIES has a plan that starts in May, I believe, so we'll probably just do some promotion first. And then when THE DAISIES has a break, I can book some BURNING RAIN shows. But I definitely wanna bring the guys over. It's a great group of guys and the new songs are gonna be really fun to play live."

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