SKELETONWITCH - Devouring Radiant Light (20 juillet 2018)

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SKELETONWITCH - Devouring Radiant Light (20 juillet 2018) Empty SKELETONWITCH - Devouring Radiant Light (20 juillet 2018)

Message par Pietro le Jeu 26 Avr 2018, 15:10

Le black/thrash à son meilleur (de plus en plus black et de moins en moins thrash d'ailleurs).  :bmbeer:

Our new album "Devouring Radiant Light" is available everywhere on July 20th. Check out the first track "Fen of Shadows" right now and come see us when we roll through your town.

Blackened metallers SKELETONWITCH will release their first full-length album in five years, "Devouring Radiant Light", on July 20 via Prosthetic Records. The first single from the disc, "Fen Of Shadows", can be streamed below.

Guitarist Scott Hedrick describes "Fen Of Shadows" as "SKELETONWITCH 2.0... The song travels further down the rabbit hole with more elaborate arrangements, layers of wailing guitar, and strong dynamic shifts. It's the most fully formed example of what this band has become." New vocalist Adam Clemans notes that the single lyrically "sets up the theme for the entire record. It's of my belief that in times of turmoil and darkness, we as humans, learn the most about our true selves. If you look within, you will always find light, passion and dedication. To what exactly, is up to the individual. For us, it's creating music together and as individuals."

While black metal has always been a recognizable component of the SKELETONWITCH DNA, "Devouring Radiant Light" sees the band crashing headlong into the subgenre like never before. And where SKELETONWITCH previously ran its output through a second-wave black metal filter, "Devouring" incorporates a strong atmospheric influence. "Bergtatt"-era ULVER and Cascadian black metal lineage are palpable. From ethereal intros to tremolo sky-ride leads, "Devouring" is draped with and adorned in the musical lexicon of black metal. But the expansion of influence does not stop there.

Nathan Garnette and Scott Hedrick are still co-captaining the dual-guitar stratospheric charge but they've dramatically expanded their palette. Celestial crunch that evokes post-metal pioneers ISIS? Check. Gothic doom passages à la PARADISE LOST? Check. High-flying Åkerfeldt-ian solos slingshotting over mountains of undulating progressive rhythms? Check. The foundation for this sonic structure is the effortless bass work of Evan Linger who possesses some of the strongest four-string chops of any player in heavy music. Providing requisite room for the guitar maelstrom, Linger shows up with dazzling yet tasteful runs in just the right places.

And then there's vocalist Adam Clemans. Equal parts Tompa Lindberg fury and Jacob Bannon punk rage, Clemans's creative intensity and sense of purpose fueled the band's new musical trajectory which surfaced on "The Apothic Gloom". His organic writing lends the band a newfound gravitas and his vocal performance is nothing short of epic.

Originally hailing from Ohio, SKELETONWITCH were cheekily dubbed the Sons of Midwestern Darkness in their early days. That nom de guerre now applies in spirit only as the band's members span the coasts. This separation forced the band to transcend geography, crafting and refining the material digitally from a distance.

"Devouring Radiant Light" was recorded by CONVERGE guitarist and engineering deity Kurt Ballou (HIGH ON FIRE, KVELERTAK, CHELSEA WOLFE) at GodCity Studio in Salem, Massachusetts. The band's rapport with Ballou provided the familiarity necessary to embrace uncharted creative territory. Melodeath genre architect Fredrik Nordström (OPETH, AT THE GATES) mixed the album at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden. The record was mastered by Brad Boatright of metallic hardcore greats FROM ASHES RISE at Audiosiege Engineering in Portland, Oregon.

SKELETONWITCH is back on the road next month in support of "Devouring Radiant Light". They join PALLBEARER and OBITUARY this spring before heading to Europe. Highlights include New York City's Gramercy Theatre, Metro in Chicago, Roskilde festival and more. Fall dates with SYSTEM OF A DOWN and AT THE DRIVE-IN have also been confirmed.

"Devouring Radiant Light" track listing:

01. Fen of Shadows
02. Where Paradise Fades
03. Temple of the Sun
04. Devouring Radiant Light
05. The Luminous Sky
06. The Vault
07. Carnarium Eternal
08. Sacred Soil

SKELETONWITCH - Devouring Radiant Light (20 juillet 2018) 31189689_1978549562187500_6215079502813331456_n

Ohio-based blackened metallers SKELETONWITCH will release their first full-length album in over four years in the spring of 2018 via Prothestic Records. The disc is being recorded with producer Kurt Ballou (CHELSEA WOLFE, HIGH ON FIRE, KVELERTAK) at his GodCity Studio. The effort will be mixed by Fredrik Nordström (OPETH's "Blackwater Park", AT THE GATES' "Slaughter Of The Soul") in Gothenburg, Sweden.

SKELETONWITCH's upcoming album was written throughout the year between Ohio and New York. It's the band's first full-length with vocalist Adam Clemans, who joined the group last year.

SKELETONWITCH guitarist Scott Hedrick says: "It feels great to be back in GodCity Studio! Those in the know are aware that working with Kurt Ballou ensures incredible sonics. We're very comfortable working with Kurt which has allowed us to stretch out into some new territory. We're excited for people to hear the new stuff."

Since its inception over a decade ago, SKELETONWITCH has released five albums of epic, blackened, thrash-infused heavy metal. Through extensive touring, the band has excited fans all over the world with its furious, high-energy live show.

In 2016, SKELETONWITCH recalibrated its lineup to include Clemans, a move that resulted the band's most powerful incarnation yet. The resulting EP, "The Apothic Gloom", was named the best EP of 2016 by Decibel magazine. The effort included a roaringly triumphant performance from Clemans and expanded on the band's previous explorations in atmospheric black metal.

SKELETONWITCH is: Scott Hedrick (guitar), Nate Garnette (guitar), Evan Linger (bass), Dustin Boltjes (drums), Adam Clemans (vocals).
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