LES DISCRETS - Nouvel album (2015)

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LES DISCRETS - Nouvel album (2015)

Message par Seosamh le Lun 15 Déc 2014, 19:34


Nowadays, I'm preparing the recordings of the third Les Discrets album. I decided to record it by myself for once, considering there is a lot of electronic in it. I'll move to the countryside for 2 months in January to make the follow up to Ariettes Oubliées. My music has considerably evolved since two years, and I'm very excited that I found what I thought had disappeared: the will to make beautiful music. I'm using new instruments, many synthesizers, more reverb than ever and no drums anymore. I worked each song so much that I can't count the different versions, which I've never done in the past, and I guess the final output will be very cinematographic, atmospheric and terribly melancholic. It'll be very Les Discrets-ish but in quite a different approach.
Also, the mixing of Live at Roadburn will soon start, for an expected release this year. So there is stuff to come from us!

And because you're such cool people, here is a short preview of a demo.

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Re: LES DISCRETS - Nouvel album (2015)

Message par Droom le Lun 15 Déc 2014, 19:42

Enfin ! Et l'extrait présage du meilleur. :)

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